Bode James Wolfe


September 2015



Dear Sponsors & Participants:


In the months after Bode passed away, we needed something to take our minds off of our sorrow and had the brilliant idea of hosting a 5k run/walk.  After doing a little research, we found Dr. Kinney of Children’s Hospital Boston.  She has been such a joy to work with, never failing to answer any questions we had, etc.  We then met with a couple of friends who have done races and they taught us what they knew and helped us know where to begin. In the beginning, we never dreamed that we would have as much support as we have had over the years.  You helped make Strides for a Find a huge success!  In just five years, we raised over $41,000…a number so big that we still can’t believe it.  We were blessed to have met new people and share our story with you. 


While we still have the desire to keep Bode’s memory alive, we are choosing to do it in a different way.  Therefore, we wanted to let you know that we will not be hosting the Strides for a Find 5k and Silent Auction any longer.  We appreciate all you have done to help make the race and auction a success; we could not have done it without your continued support. 


We would like to ask that you please remember what you may have learned about SIDS through our event and share with as many people as will listen, as education is key.  Again, thank you so much for your unfailing support of Strides for a Find.




Matt & Gretchen Wolfe 

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